We evaluate connections across knowledge and data to draw conclusions and develop opinions.

Watson supports this process by testing options against all available evidence, without assumption or bias.


Watson scales expertise by elevating the consistency and objectivity of decision making across an organization.


Watson captured the expertise of top performers and accelerates the development of expertise in others.

Out Think

About Case Strategy

Case Strategy is a small strategy consulting firm based in the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Founded in 1999 by Amy Case, the firm is dedicated to driving client profit growth.

Our clients are typically divisions of Fortune 500 firms, large private companies, and select not-for-profit organizations.  We work in a broad range of industries.

Case Strategy is well-positioned to help you, by being speedier than the large firms, and better analytically-grounded than the small ones.  We pair proprietary analytic insights with ruthless practicality to deliver breakthrough results for our clients.

Amy Case

Amy Case is the Managing Director of Case Strategy, the firm she founded in 1999.  Ms. Case has particular experience in healthcare, consumer products and heavy manufacturing industries.  In addition to her consulting work, Ms. Case is an international speaker and facilitator on topics of the “Value Disciplines”, Marketing, and Business Strategy.

Prior to founding Case Strategy, Ms. Case spent three years as a Partner at Treacy & Company, a Boston-based boutique strategy firm.  From 1985 until 1996 Ms. Case was at Bain & Company, a leading international management consulting firm headquartered in Boston.

Findability Sciences

Findability Sciences combines the power Big Data and Cognitive computing through its proprietary solution, Findability Platform®. Findability Platform® is a proven architecture and framework, which integrates internal structured and unstructured data (from previously siloed databases and documents repositories), along with data  from social media and data found online, to help leadership see a complete picture of its business, products, customers and employees.

A global product and consulting company, Findability Sciences, is a leading IBM Big Data Partner and IBM Watson™ EcoSystem Partner. Along with Findability Platform® company offers an Impact Measurement and Analysis (IMA) product to Community Impact Organizations and Dapprdoo, a human centric application which retailers use to engage their customers by solving their fashion related dilemmas. Both IMA & Dapprdoo uses IBM Watson’s cognitive computing power. Founded in 2009 in the Boston area, Findability Sciences has earned industry awards and recognition, including being nominated for New England Innovation Award, and IBM Insight 2014 App throw-down, and winning the 2015 SugarCRM Award, among others.